With Loan Against Securities (LAS) from KFSL you can unlock the potential of your investments. All you have to do is pledge your equity shares, mutual funds, bonds or securities and get access to instant liquidity. Our Loan Against Securities offers you double benefit – easy access to funds up to 5 crores while you continue to earn return against your financial assets. What makes this more attractive is that we offer LAS with zero foreclosure and prepayment charges.

Features & Benefits

  • It helps one meet all their immediate financial needs without selling their securities.
  • Enjoy all benefits of being a Share/ Mutual Fund/ Securities holder like Bonus, Dividends etc.
  • Any time pre-payment, without any commitment charges.
  • Interest is calculated only on the amount utilized and for the period it is utilized.
  • Option to avail additional finance by pledging more Shares, Mutual Fund units or Securities.