Surabhi Yadav, Author at IPTSE

Surabhi Yadav

December 31, 2019
Intellectual property in cyberspace

All You Need To Know About Intellectual Property Rights In The Digital World

Inventors can now file patents, copyrights and trademarks for technological inventions thanks to IP laws in the digital space When something is new or innovative, inventors […]
December 29, 2019
Intellectual property and technology

Innovation Vs Invention and Their Role in IP And Technology

In today’s thriving and competitive market, innovation and IPR go hand in hand When it comes to businesses, technological innovation serves as the foremost detriment of […]
December 27, 2019
Career in intellectual property rights

Prospects and Opportunities In The Field Of Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property is defined as any creation of the mind that is new, innovative and can be deemed an invention, literary work, design, symbol, etc. The […]
December 25, 2019
Protection of intellectual property rights

The Need to Protect Intellectual Property Rights

Ever wondered what happens if your IP isn’t protected? This article will give you all the answers When something new and innovative is created, the inventor […]