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Career in intellectual property rights

Career in intellectual property rights

Intellectual Property is defined as any creation of the mind that is new, innovative and can be deemed an invention, literary work, design, symbol, etc. The inventor has the right to file for intellectual property rights to avail sole proprietorship, financial monopoly and leverage over the creation. IP is a field that is growing exponentially with corporations looking for tangible properties be it machinery or land, towards acquiring IP assets. With India gaining a reputation as the land of start-ups, which is essential for IP creation, it is vital to safeguard the interest of the innovators through strong IP laws. As such, Intellectual Property careers, especially IP law careers, are becoming increasingly popular.

What Makes Intellectual Property Law Interesting?

IP law enables innovators and inventors to claim exclusive monopoly and financial rights to benefit from their invention, while also allowing the public to gain access to those benefits by paying a sum or a fee. An IP can prove to be beneficial to both the inventor and the public whose life is made easy due to the creation. With invention and genuineness being at the core of this field, there is hardly any chance that careers in Intellectual Property Law can ever be boring or dull.

Career Opportunities in IPR

Law students looking to forge careers in the field of IPR can choose from a diverse range of career opportunities in Intellectual Property Rights. Here are the different roles a law student can play upon choosing an IPR law career.

Drafting IPs

Law professionals can start off as IPR drafters. Such professionals are required to understand the nuances of the invention and strategize how the IP can be protected. Drafting also involves describing and articulating inventions and framing the patent, copyright, trademark, utility design or geographical indicators application in the necessary (legal) language.

Litigation and Prosecution

Duplication of IP without seeking the permission of the inventor is an issue that has been plaguing the world since times immemorial. In case an individual or organization reproduces the invention without seeking the inventors’ permission, the latter can take legal action against the former. The IP lawyer would be in charge of legally defending the inventor’s invention and claims in a court of law, prosecuting the guilty party and, putting an end to the illegal use of the IP.

Filing IPR

Intellectual Property career opportunities in the field of law also include the filing of an IPR. The lawyer can work exclusively with different inventors looking to file IPR for their creations and file patents, trademarks, utility designs etc., on behalf of the inventors. Such individuals can work with different clients simultaneously (as freelancers) or be employed by law firms representing the inventors. They are in charge of completing the due processes related to IPR filing.

Teaching IPR Laws

Given that more and more start-ups are being established in India every day, there is a real prospect for careers in teaching and spreading awareness about what IP is and what constitutes IP law. Such professionals can lend their expertise about things to consider while filing IPs, the IP process, what can lead to an IP being rejected and so on and so forth.

Apart from the above-mentioned careers in Intellectual Property Rights, law professionals interested in IPR law can also carve a niche for themselves in fields such as analytics and strategy, researching and advocating IPRs, philosophy of IPR as well as assessment and marketing of IPR technologies.

Final word

As is evident, IPR career opportunities are innumerable, making IP a great field for law professionals to venture into. In many cases, a law student would be fulfilling more than one or all the roles associated with IPR protection, especially in India where IPR specialization firms are fewer. Law students interested in building IPR careers are required to specialise in IP laws by enrolling in special courses related to IP protection. Students can also enrol in special online courses provided by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and World Intellectual Property organisation (WIPO).

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